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时时彩稳定计划软件: Basic Data

时时彩杀码99以上 China.org.cn, December 29, 2009
  • The ACYF has 47 newspapers and periodicals. Among its 35 periodicals, Youth Digest is the most influential, boasting a monthly circulation of 2.3 million copies; while China Youth is also popular among young people, with 70 percent readers aged 19 to 29. Among the 12 newspapers, China Youth Daily is one of the most influential dailies in China, boasting a daily circulation of over 2 million copies, with 70 percent of readers aged 25 to 40. ?
  • The ACYF has more than 120 youth websites. The website www.cyol.net is one of the most active websites in China, with its youth forum attracting large numbers of young netizens. Another, www.youth.cn, is the largest youth portal and one of China’s eight key websites, boasting a daily average of over 5 million viewers. ?
  • The ACYF has seven publishing houses: China Youth Press, China Children’s Press and Publication Group, and five audiovisual publishers. ?
  • The ACYF has one film center. ?
  • At present, the Communist Youth League of China has over 1,000 subsidiary youth palaces, with a total of nearly 50,000 staff. Since 1995, regional youth palaces have organized over 18,000 educational activities, involving nearly 10 million young people. Every year they launch over 11,000 sessions in professional skills training, attended by over one million young people. These youth palaces altogether have over 80,000 hobby groups, engaging over 5 million young people in various popular-science activities ever year. ?
  • From 2003 to 2007, the ACYF collected donations for the Project Hope totaling over 580 million yuan, to subsidize more than 230,000 students from families in financial difficulty, funded over 770 Hope Primary Schools, constructed more than 1,200 Hope libraries, and trained over 40,000 teachers for Hope Primary Schools. ?
  • Since 2003, the ACYF has altogether held 4,746 sessions in youth employment training, involving over 1.16 million person-times. It has supported over 7,000 businesses started up by young people, and helped youth totaling almost 1.2 million person-times to find employment or re-employment. ?
  • The ACYF has set up Minor Protection Committees and working agencies in 28 provinces of China, launched the 12355 Hotline Service in 227 cities, and built up 1,200 state-level Outstanding Youth Protection Focal Points. ?
  • From 2003 to 2007, the ACYF altogether organized 268 million person-times offering voluntary services. By the end of 2007, it had sent altogether over 50,000 volunteers to 560 poverty-stricken counties, organized over 6 million pairs offering “one-for-one” voluntary services in communities, set up 190,000 voluntary services stations of various types, organized millions of volunteers annually for the Mother River Protection Operation, and selected 229 young volunteers and placed them overseas to offer voluntary services. ?
  • In 2008, the ACYF mobilized 4.914 million young people to offer voluntary services to quake-hit areas in Sichuan, and over 1.5 million for voluntary services to the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. ?
  • The ACYF has organized over 500 million preson-times for the Mother River Protection Operation, collected domestic and foreign donations totaling 442 million RMB yuan and 2.052 billion Japanese yen, and constructed 5,540 projects covering a total area of 3.3502 million mu (223,346.7 hectares). ?
  • ?The All-China Students’ Federation has over 100,000 member organizations, reaching over 80 million university and high-school students. ?
  • The Chinese Young Men’s Christian Association and the Chinese Young Women’s Christian Association have branches in 10 cities including Beijing and Tianjin. ?
  • The Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association has 47 member organizations and over 30,000 individual members. It has trained young entrepreneurs totaling over 50,000 person-times. The association has conducted exchanges and cooperation with junior chambers of commerce from over 30 countries, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. ?
  • The Chinese Association of Young Township Entrepreneurs has over 300 individual members and 33 member organizations, reaching tens of thousands of young village and township entrepreneurs. ?
  • The Chinese Association of Young Scientists and Technicians has 22 organizational members and 557 individual members. ?
  • The Capital Young Journalists Association is the largest group of its kind in China, with thousands of individual members including top-notch young professionals from over 100 news media. ?
  • The Chinese Young Volunteers Association has 36 organizational members, 402 individual members and 33 regional organizational members.
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