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龙腾时时彩做号:Workers in a power supply station of Sichuan

时时彩杀码99以上 China.org.cn, 08 11, 2017
A technical worker patrols to check the power switches in the power grid area. [Photo by Sha Yipeng/China.org.cn]


The temperature remained high in Dazhou, Sichuan Province, in early August, reaching 40 degrees Celsius on average. In a power supply station of the Chengdu Railway Bureau, a group of technical workers concentrated on their daily work despite scorching hot.

Their job is to patrol to check and repair the electrical equipment installed in surrounding areas and along nearby railway lines. Much of the work takes place in deep and long tunnels. Once an equipment defect is discovered, the workers must deal with it in a timely manner.

The tunnels have been unbearably hot and stuffy in summer. During the patrol, the workers must clean the equipment and collect relevant power data. They must climb up the installation for cleaning and measuring. Such an operation usually takes about three hours in pitch dark conditions.

The maximum temperature soared to 42 degrees Celsius on August 4. Due to high temperature and cramped conditions, the workers had to constantly change their postures to avoid cramp while measuring and cleaning the equipment. They worked very hard, panting and sweating all over.

In addition to such tools as infrared thermometers to measure the equipment temperature, the workers must often rely solely on their senses to judge whether the equipment is running well or not. Therefore, this job is definitely a test of the workers' skill and experience.

Much of the power equipment is located in remote areas and the routine task is heavy and tedious; however, the workers toil day after day to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the entire grid.

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