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Volunteers prepare for Xiamen BRICS Summit
Preparations are in full swing one month ahead of the Ninth BRICS Summit, expected to attract thousands of representatives from China and abroad.
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Children in Xiamen send best wishes to upcoming BRICS Summit
Children make paper-cutting works to greet the upcoming 9th BRICS Summit in Huli District of Xiamen City, southeast China's Fujian Province, August 4, 2017.
Learning traditional culture in summer
The Sunjing School of Hengshui holds "Summer Camp of Traditional National Culture" during the summer vacation.
- How Chinese spent National Day holiday
- Chinese female sniper training
- Rehearsal of China's military parade
- Couples register for marrige on Qixi Fesitival
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Ink brush made of fetal hair in Zhejiang
Chinese aircraft carrier formation in HK
HK to mark 20th anniversary of return to motherland
China's Olympic dream
World expecting 1st made-in-China aircraft carrier
Chinese designers head to NYC for international recognition
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Workers in a power supply station of Sichuan
In a power supply station of the Chengdu Railway Bureau, a group of technical workers concentrated on their daily work despite scorching hot.
- 1 teacher, 1 student: the smallest school
- College students' film reveals inner life of 'homowives'
- Chinese No.1 female bodyguard: Bian Mei
Funny mud splashing event held in E.China
Pariticipants play in a muddy puddle during an event of mud splashing in Jingdezhen.
- Peking opera embodied into daily schooling
- Two-child policy puts pressure on sperm banks
- Nadam: Time to celebrate harvests
Traditional Medicine
Martial Arts
Chinese Porcelain
Ning Hao, Xu Zheng join hands for new film
Singer shines light on Tujia tradition at Cannes festival
Fee for Chinese dictionary irritates some
Folk opera celebrates 90th anniversary of PLA's establishment
'Boundless Impartiality' scenic area of Yuanmingyuan reopens
Snow scenery at Pingliang City in Gansu
Aerial view of Shimen Village, southwest China
Aerial view of Tianmu Mountain natural conservation area in E China
Established in 1949, the All-时时彩杀码99以上 (ACYF) is a federative body of Chinese youth organizations and excellent youth nationwide. Through its 52 member organizations and over 77,000 individual members at all levels, the ACYF reaches over 300 million young people across China.
Rights and Interests
- Int'l students celebrate new year in China
- International Exchange of ACYF
- Youths promote environmental protection
- Young Chinese play greater role in tackling climate change
- Young eco warriors in China
- Greek and Turkish Cypriot students visit Nicosia
- Technical maintenance
ACYF Information 2014 No. 1
- Sri Lanka-China Young Journalists Forum
- youthink
- British Council
- ASEAN Youth
- Europe Youth Forum
- Europe Youth Training
- Europe Youth
- ILO Youth Employment
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