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Ink brush made of fetal hair in Zhejiang
Chinese aircraft carrier formation in HK
HK to mark 20th anniversary of return to motherland
Children at kindergarten use waste to make toys
Int'l Future Life Festival held in Hangzhou
Chinese UAVs enter Brazilian market
Giant panda cubs named 'Ban Ban', 'Yue Yue'
Pupils learn firefighting knowledge
HK flower show to open at Victoria Park
Lantern fairs held across China
1st subway line in Shandong officially opened
Macao celebrates twin panda cubs' 100 days
Ceremony marks birth of Confucius
Children play with bubbles in SW China
Shenyang flight conference attracts visitors
Giant pandas trained to survive in wild
Skyscraper demolished outside ancient city
Handicraft and talent show in SW China
Stamps about Shanghai Disneyland issued
Night view of Shanghai Disney Resort
China's longest metro line to be in operation
Wolong nature reserve operates in Sichuan
First subway line to run under Yellow River
'Most lovely Buddhist baby' competition
Wax printing by Bai ethnic group
Captive pandas enter mating season
Giant pink 'Floating Fish' displayed in E. China
Girl dresses as mermaid to mark World Water Day
Folk artist reveals monkey mannerisms
Two pandas leave China for S. Korea
Public names twin giant panda cubs
Giant pandas frolic after snowfall
Villagers prepare for Spring Festival
Relics inside 2,000-yr-old Chinese tomb
World's 1st polar deck carrier debuts
China readies first electric aircraft
A few things you may not know about RMB
Over 10,000 relic pieces unearthed
'China Day' celebrated in Georgia
Egg-carving LED light show held in Shanxi
New recruits take first training in NE China
Flowers decorate Beijing for V-Day parade
Birthday of panda 'Kaikai' celebrated in Macao
Tian'anmen Square decorated for parade
A glimpse of ancient Tuanshan village
An aristocratic manor from old Tibet
World's oldest panda turns 37
Hobbyists take subway in Han Chinese costumes in Xi'an
Hello Kitty theme park opens in E China's Zhejiang
Students with Shenyang Artillery Academy in graduation drill
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