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Shenzhen launches 'ladies first' subway cars
"Ladies first" subway cars launched with the aim of providing a better traveling experience for female passengers and advocating care for women.
Warm hugs after college entrance exam
A total of 9.4 million Chinese students sit the annual national college entrance examination from Wednesday.
A taste of Shanghai at its cuisine market
The Chenghuang Temple is a 600-year-old Taoist temple located in the heart of Shanghai's Huangpu District.
- Shenzhen launches 'ladies first' subway cars
- Warm hugs after college entrance exam
- A taste of Shanghai at its cuisine market
- 40 Taiji training centers set up in China
- Vivid sugar figures adorn feast in NW China's Yinchuan
- Students go to school on horseback
- PLA's first female special ops
- Jiaomian: traditional facial in Guangxi
- Group wedding on Chinese Valentine's Day
- People enjoy themselves with water
- 10 must-try street foods in Beijing
- Chinese enjoy Dragon Boat Festival vacation
- More reading corners set up in Anhui
- 'Monihei' Carnival held in Yunnan
- People enjoy water-splashing festival
- China marks World Health Day 2016
- Erecting eggs to greet 'Chunfen'
- Peking opera embodied into daily schooling
- More older pregnant women expected
- Chinese celebrate Winter Solstice
- Growing pains for China's 'only-child' generation
- Two-child policy puts pressure on sperm banks
- Father builds giant transformer for son
- Veteran searches for old friends via bus ad
- Abducted women becomes model teacher
- A WW II veteran's love story
- Red Cross groups start screening children for CHD
- Kunming University opens online store to 'sell' graduates
- 60 mln kids in China living without their parents
- What are the most prestigious jobs in China?
- Female adult ceremony held in NW China
- The changing history of school uniforms in China
- An 18-truck wedding motorcade in Shaanxi
- Changes for miners in the last 30 years
- From a toddler to a beautiful mother
- Nadam: Time to celebrate harvests
- Tibetan cliff engravers
- A high-end blind date held in Wuhan
- Say hello to the second child
- Assistance centers for homeless children
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