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Japanese author a hot property for China filmmakers
The TV and film rights of 10 novels of Japanese author Higashino Keigo are up for grabs on a Chinese site.
Cao Wenxuan's novel to become children's play
Children's author Cao Wenxuan's novel "Goat Do Not Eat Heaven Grass" is set to be adapted for the stage later this year.
Novelist criticizes low quality of children's books
Novelist Cao Wenxuan revealed his concerns regarding the quality of contemporary children's books.
- Japanese author a hot property for China filmmakers
- Cao Wenxuan's novel to become children's play
- 60 years and running
- Louis Cha's wuxia novels to get comic adaptation
- Chinese sci-fi award Nebula held in Beijing
- 'Little Prince' for child in all of us
- Hefei named the most bookish city in China
- Shanghai opens its largest Japanese book center
- Novelist criticizes low quality of children's books
- New Chinese book about Madagascar more than travel guide
- Secret Garden author highest-earning foreign writer
- Amazon launches paid unlimited reading service
- Chinese sci-fi novel international bestseller
- Publishers eyeing a hat-trick of successes
- Wartime crimes through Western eyes
- Publishers eye new generation
- China's most artistic library opens in Wuzhen
- Harry Potter makes appearance in Chinese textbook
- Belarusian author wins Nobel Prize in Literature
- 'Big Head Son' author releases new book
- Chinese sci-fi novel wins Hugo Award for best novel
- 5 writers win China's top literature award
- Honesty bookshop opens in Nanjing
- 24-hr bookstore opens in historic building in Beijing
- The art of learning with pictures
- US leading university honors Chinese writer
- Saving books from invaders
- A reading nation
- Xiaolu Guo gives talk at London Book Fair
- Chinese culture attracts Belarussians in int'l book fair
- Ba Jin's ex-residence goes on WeChat
- Chinese comic book wins Angoulême's heritage award
- Xi's book on Chinese Dream published in Bulgaria
- Chinese man abridges Marx's 'Das Kapital'
- Path to inner calm
- Rifkin: China can lead global shift to sharing economy
- Funny sculpture of Mo Yan
- Study examines global reach of Chinese films
- A century of experience
- Shanghai Book Fair 2014 kicks off
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