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Conductor Riccardo Chailly to celebrate 4 decades
Riccardo Chailly celebrates 40 years at La Scala next season, which he will open by conducting the Italian opera Andrea Chenier.
New show portrays celebrated poet Du Fu
The China National Traditional Orchestra showcases China's musical heritage with a modern touch.
Intangible cultural heritage show in Guizhou
People from Beijing Traditional Opera Association have recently visited Shiqian County to have cultural exchanges.
- Conductor Riccardo Chailly to celebrate 4 decades
- China's university now part of UK theater project
- Show at rebuilt temple site brings history to life
- Dancer Liu Yan honored for life after injury
- New show portrays celebrated poet Du Fu
- Intangible cultural heritage show in Guizhou
- Chinese version of 'Lion King' debuts in Shanghai
- German plays to debut in Shanghai
- Sophie Marceau goes square dancing in Guangzhou
- 'Faust' tale told with Peking Opera
- 'Happy Chinese New Year' lights up Bulgaria
- Lang Lang opens NCPA Piano Virtuosos 2016
- Tan Dun to conduct NCPA's 8th anniversary concert
- A grand new stage at Beijing's Tianqiao
- Top ballet dancers light up Beijing stage
- 2 classic Peking Opera shows hit UK
- Drama marks 90th anniv. of founding of Palace Museum
- Li Yugang to tour US, Europe soon
- 85-year-old inheritor of ancient drama in the deep mountain
- Benedict Cumberbatch asks fans not to film Hamlet
- Children's Theater Festival underway in China
- China's 'Peony Pavilion' wows American audience
- Chinese ballet blossoms in NY's Lincoln Center
- Yuju Opera 'Xuanzang' debuts in Taiwan
- Performer's feather tiara fans public contempt
- Britain's 'War Horse' to be staged in China
- Australian Ballet gets gov't grant to tour China
- Katy Perry's halftime show breaks records
- Beijing opera 'The Drunken Beauty' performed in LA
- Artist exhibits explosive art with Tango
- Dance drama to be staged in NZ, Australia
- Musical 'Cats' performed in Singapore
- Future of original Chinese musicals promising
- Ulysses gains clarity on the stage
- Rehearsal of 'Dream of the Red Chamber' kicks off
- Beijing Dance Theater previews 'Wild Grass' in NY
- Last Chinese Emperor's life as citizen featured in new play
- Two children's plays from Taiwan to be staged
- Children's Theater performs Korean plays
- World oldest hip-hoppers to visit Taiwan
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